Safe access and associated services

Scope of Work

New Engineering Contract (NEC) Package 6 – CLP Safe Access and Associated Services


Project Description

To provide safe access and associated services on Castle Peak “A” Power Station (CPA), Castle Peak “B” Power Station (CPB), Black Point Power Station (BPPS) and Penny’s Bay Power Station (PBPS):

  • Scaffold work for BPPS 400KV Substation Bay 3 and Bay 8 installation
  • Scaffold work for B2 Boiler Mill and Feeder temporary access for construction
  • Scaffold work for 400Kv bay 7 GIS isolation, modification, jumper disconnect & reconncet, HV test
  • Scaffold work for A3 boiler for top dead space area
  • Scaffold work and lifting operation for BPPS rigger store relocation
  • Scaffold work for Pig Launcher Pipeline Painting in BPPS
  • Scaffold work for CPA FBA Apron
  • Scaffold work for B4 Drum Screen pit
  • Scaffold work for B4 Generator for hydrogen cooler dismantle
  • Scaffold work for B2 Generator Turbine hall for Generator casing & Hydrogen cooler
  • Scaffold work for C1-C8 Turbine hall Basement Refurbishment
  • Scaffold work for A4 Silencer Replacement
  • CPPS (B2 and B4) Boiler top dead space cleaning
  • CPA and CPB control building water tank cleaning
  • CPPS A3 Turbine Hall Pipe Cladding Refurbishment
  • CPPS (B3, A4, B4) Turbine and Turbine Hall cleaning
  • GRS Piping and Structure Beam Painting
  • CPPS (B2 and B4) Boiler Thermal insulation replacement
  • Overhaul Site Setup Service for CPPS (B3 and B4)
  • Lifting Service for CPPS Boiler (B3, B2 and B4) and BPPS Boiler (C4 and C6)
  • CPPS A3 Silencer